spring is actually a middle schooler

What’s your favorite season?  We get four of them in most parts of the country, or two in others (sorry, Arizona).  Spring? Summer? Fall? Winter?  They each have their own unique value and experience each and every year.  Holidays, vacations, school, no school, cold, hot, warm, cool, rain, snow, thunderstorms, coats, flip-flops, jeans, shorts, swim suits, boots.  They provide variety to our many years here on this planet.

Well, it is officially spring and this is where I am: day six of a three-week single-parent experience while my civilian soldier trains and supervises other soldiers.  He’s in the states, relatively safe, a bit cold (still more winter than spring), and a little weary from meetings and normal Army way of getting things done.  I am feeling relatively worn out, tired, a bit overwhelmed, and a little weary from how my home is ran when dad is away.  I realize that I am in the early readjustment phase of dad being away which is always tough.  Frankly, by the time we hit a good place of “normal,” this stint is short enough that he will be getting back right about that same time, swell.  Which don’t get me wrong, I will be so GLAD when he gets be back and I am thankful this is not an actual deployment.  Although this week has been hard, despite the colorful display out my windows declaring the joy of spring’s arrival.

But listening to friends, I am noticing a trend that this may not just be me.  Sure, I am pulling single-parenthood with a schedule of three kids (homeschooling plus activities) as well as serving in a ministry, so I expect to be feeling a bit stretched right now.  I get that.  But what I am observing is a general sense of increased busyness, increased weariness, and stretching of women around me as well.  I have heard multiple times in the last few days how we need to schedule things or adapt things around the upcoming, ramping up of our schedules.

Why is that?  Why is it, that come spring, which trust me I am READY for winter to be done already, we are already feeling stretched thin, overworked, exhausted, and possibly even a bit of survival of the fittest mode?  I thought spring was the season to see the joy in the newness of life and a change from dreary to delightful?  Bare trees and dead grass to cherry blossoms and daffodils.  But, why am I seeing the weeds in my yard lately more than the flowers in bloom around them?  Any one else?  Or maybe, you actually planned ahead and sprayed your lawn in the fall. Oh well, remind me next year, okay?

Well, spring has come in my little part of the world.  Some of you may be still defrosting while even still expecting snow, but for the majority of us the season has arrived.  And with the rebirth of nature, apparently our schedules are birthing much too.

School is close to being over, but not close enough.  We still have to wear coats some days, but we can’t put them away yet.  We want to go enjoy the outdoors, but our allergies say otherwise.

It’s like this weird transition phase.  It’s awkward.  Not yet hot.  Sometimes freezes.  Trees bloom one day, then a thunderstorm washes all the blooms away the next.  Maybe we should start shaving our legs more often, but it certainly has not become the standard of care…yet.

Spring is the season of the year that was us as middle schoolers…and really no one liked themselves as middle schoolers.  It’s a season of not really knowing who or what it wants to be.  Sunny or rainy?  50 degrees or 75 degrees?  It brings beauty as trees are blooming but the acne of weeds are raging too.  High school was better, remember?  Summer is better.  It knows who it is.  Hot, sunny, salads, grilling, sand, bare feet, even mindless beach reads.   It’s coming but we have to go through this season apparently first to get the better season of swimming pools, popsicles, sunscreen, and fresh produce.   Yes, summer is certainly hipper than spring.

I guess, all this to say, spring has sprung around me…but I’m feeling more weight lately than bloom.  And I don’t think I’m alone in this.  As a mom, I so am ready for school to be done (yes, even home schoolers feel this way).  This was my first year, and frankly it has been a steep learning curve for me and my kids.  And I. am. done.  But, we can’t be done, YET.  I’m ready to wear flip-flops and shorts every day, but I settle for flip-flops and jeans (plus many of my shorts I just discovered seemingly shrunk a bit in my drawer over the winter.  This is very strange phenomena…).  I want to have rest in the rebirth of the season, but soccer has started, swim continues (and summer league is coming), ministries are gearing up to close strong, friends want to hang out, kids want to hang out, end-of year performances, award ceremonies, recitals, and school itself MUST be finished.  Plus, while all of this is happening, we are supposed to be “planning” and making decisions for NEXT year.  I’m exhausted just from thinking about it.  Spring is demanding, also like most middle schoolers.  High drama, high needs. Please tell me I am not alone in this weariness of spring?

Anyone else experiencing this 13-year-old middle school season of our year this way?

Can summer just get here already?  It’s like senioritis as a mom.  Just make it to May or June for many of you (I am so sorry).  Do whatever you have to do to just cross the finish line.  I am scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point from meals, school projects, to just trying to keep clean clothes on my kids.  Then, soon, very soon, we will just throw the books and backpacks in a corner, turn on the grill, make a margarita, and jump in the pool.

We will make it.  We always do.  Here’s to all of us who are feeling more weary than springy lately.  We all survived middle school, so surely we can survive spring.



2 thoughts on “spring is actually a middle schooler

  1. Yes! I’ve got senioritis bad this year, and I only have a preschooler. Summer has always been my favorite, but it can’t come soon enough now that I’ve got tornadoes to be scared of this spring 🙂 here’s to hoping these last two weeks without dave go by a little faster….

    1. Thanks for commenting Denyse! Tornadoes certainly fit the analogy too 🙂 Just keep weather aware and you’ll be okay. Happy Friday!

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