would you rather: garage sale or pollen allergy (actually a post about MOPS)

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Blog entries have been delayed by extreme allergies and an awesome ministry fundraiser garage sale. Postings resume as one or both pass. At least the garage sale must end by noon! Wish I could say the same for the ridiculous allergies I’m experiencing this year. Although garage sales in general stink, the friends doing it alongside me are a delight–and the cause is worth the stinkage part.

the before sale pic
the before sale pic


On a side note (okay maybe not so much side), MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) rocks, even if it involves volunteering to work a garage sale. Check out MOPS to learn how stinkin’ important mommas of little ones are and how we can rally alongside them to encourage and strengthen them in these long days and short years.

Who encouraged you when you had littles?

What made you a better momma in the days before they crossed into school age?

I had a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group when my youngest was just a year old, my oldest was in first grade, and my middle was three and half years old. Some of my best friendships were formed during my time at MOPS. I endured the crafts in exchange for breakfast, adult conversation, 2.5 hrs of kid free time twice a month, spiritual growth, and simply connection with someone who understood. Women in the trenches of sleep-deprived mothering right along side me.  I was new to the community and was searching for connection and honestly, hope.  Hope that I wasn’t a total loss as a mom.  Hope that my marriage could be made stronger despite its very apparent weaknesses.  Hope that my home could become a haven for my family to rest and play even amidst toys, diapers, and mushy graham cracker faces (and floors).

I became a better mom because of MOPS. Nowadays I’m a mentor, one of the younger variety thank you very much. I attempt to impart wisdom, but really I encourage and laugh with our gals more than anything. Plus I get to hold babies every once in a while. Pretty sweet deal in my book.
Find a MOPS group near you by searching here. You’ll be so glad you did.

Just to be clear, there is coffee…and food too.  Did I also mention your kids are playing…in ANOTHER room, away from you for 2.5 hours…

Okay, just double checking.


2 thoughts on “would you rather: garage sale or pollen allergy (actually a post about MOPS)

  1. I just loved being apart of MOPS! It was such an encouragement when my older ones were little and I had no clue what I was doing. I can’t wait to be a Mentor Mom someday and hopefully bless others the way I was blessed in this wonderful organization. And by the way, we had a pretty awesome small group! 😉

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