infamous first post

Somehow you’ve found this silly little blog.  Likely you are my family or my friend and came by just to humor me.  Or, you don’t know me and wonder what this is, what I am, all about.  Well, to be perfectly honest to you both, I don’t really know.

This is what I do know.  I have a story.  I have lots of stories actually.  I also have thoughts.  I think, like a lot, about my little family, the world, our culture, raising my kids to honor God in said world and culture, and lately thoughts immersed in living my marked purpose with the tiny blip I get here on this planet as we know it.

I’ve been told to start a blog by a few people over the years (I do have degrees in English and Communication so seemed like a good fit), yet I resisted.  You see, I do not manage things well.  Great life skill, no?  So, my reasoning went something like this, “I can barely, actually not well at all, keep my kids clean, my house remotely ‘clean,’ my husband clean, just kidding,  loved, bills paid, dinner made, homework done…how on earth do you think you could add a BLOG to this train wreck?!?!”  I also have the awesome ability to take something on that is good and then becoming so passionate about it, that the things that actually are most important, fall off the table completely.  Things like, feeding my family real food, doing laundry, remembering to do the few things my husband would ask me to accomplish, exercising, heck even brushing my teeth  (because I’m so exhausted at the end of the day, you’re welcome mister dentist), basically stop.

Yet, I have a passion to write, to speak, to tell.  I’ve come to a place in time where I still struggle with all of those things (making progress on the teeth brushing after my last trip of multiple fillings), but they should not be an excuse to not use my God-given gifts for a purpose bigger than me.  Because our lives are bigger than our struggles.  Our stories are bigger than our mistakes.  Our gifts are bigger than our sins that try to derail their mighty use in our world.

I am not perfect.  My family is not perfect.  My house is pretty much a disaster 75% of the time, tidy 15% of the time, and totally clean, company ready the remaining 10% (maybe take away a zero).  I meal plan a few days a week.  I can walk to Little Caesars from my house.  It’s called “Hot n Ready” for a reason folks!  My loving husband has to reign me in sometimes still and ask me multiple times to do things he needs help with.  Reminder to self: go pick up his prescription called in yesterday. Yet I am choosing to engage and call up my calling.  I’d love to be part of your little, messy world and see how hope can come in the midst of what we consider hopeless or overwhelming while laughing a little too.

Deal?  Sounds good to me.  I may have to ask for forgiveness rather than permission in the posts to come.  But do be assured that before I hit publish, read a comment, or view my stats I vow to remember that this blog is not mine…


7 thoughts on “infamous first post

  1. Fantastic!!! I am so excited to keep reading what you blog and to see Him glorified by this new journey you are taking.
    P.S. Did you get your hubby’s prescription?

    1. Thoughts indeed, Alana. Thanks for the encouragement and behind-the-scenes help so far. I appreciate you so stinkin’ much!

    1. It is kinda funny how all of this has flowed together/out of each other over the past few weeks or so. I appreciate your encouragement Lael. Humor, abuse of punctuation, and run on sentences commence!

  2. I can’t wait to hear more of your stories and life. PS…I know a great dentist if your ever in the Tulsa area 🙂

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