spring is actually a middle schooler

What’s your favorite season?  We get four of them in most parts of the country, or two in others (sorry, Arizona).  Spring? Summer? Fall? Winter?  They each have their own unique value and experience each and every year.  Holidays, vacations, school, no school, cold, hot, warm, cool, rain, snow, thunderstorms, coats, flip-flops, jeans, shorts, swim […]

letting go

I’m not sure what to make of the fact that  I am starting a trend of blog topics that appear to come with a built-in soundtrack.  I am thankful that although my middle daughter is obsessed with Frozen, we have not purchased “Let it Go” or the entire soundtrack for that matter.  From listening to […]

when you run out of time

Sometimes you run out of time.  Run out of time to apologize.  Run out of time to spend with someone.  Run out of time to say something (pleeeeease do not start singing THAT song though, pretty please?). Today, I was given three hours I didn’t have with my hubby.  To our human eyes, it was […]

studio session number one

So I’m sitting here in a recording studio.  And then the guy asks me, have you ever done this before?  Um, no. It is actually my daughter who is the singer, SO not me (she will affirm that for you if you need to validate that).  I’m having one of those mornings as a parent […]

infamous first post

Somehow you’ve found this silly little blog.  Likely you are my family or my friend and came by just to humor me.  Or, you don’t know me and wonder what this is, what I am, all about.  Well, to be perfectly honest to you both, I don’t really know. This is what I do know. […]